Friday, March 23, 2012

Jonathan Stewart Please!!

Len Pasquarelli of Yahoo! Sports is reporting that the Carolina Panthers will listen to trade offers for RB Jonathan Stewart. Why would they do this? Well they just signed FA RB Mike Tolbert and last year they signed DeAngelo Williams to a 4 year/43 million dollar contract. Once they added Tolbert this year, the need for Stewart was gone. Tolbert like Stewart is a north/south runner, that thrives between the tackles, while Williams is a east/west pass catching back, much like LeSean McCoy from the Eagles. Why would our favorite team want him?

The RB's currently on the Jets roster are Shonn Greene,Joe McKnight, and Bilal Powell. While Greene has shown flashes of brillance, he has proven to not be an every down running back. Think of him more as a closer. Someone you can bring in the 3rd or 4th quarter and allow him to wear the D down. McKnight is the Jets version of DeAngelo Williams/Darren Sproles/LeSean McCoy, more of a scat back. He really hasn't been used that much, and I'm not sure if he could be an every down back. Bilal Powell is entering is second season and was rarely used at all last year. So kicking him to the curb may be premature but if you have a chance to get a guy like Stewart, you cannot pass it up.

Last year Stewart had 142 carries for 761 yards, thats a 5.4 yds./carry. He had 4 rushing TD's all year and he had 47 receptions for 413 yards. He stands at 5'10", 235 lbs. Shonn Greene had 253 carries for 1054 yds., thats a 4.2 yds./carry average. He had 6 rushing TD's and had 30 receptions for 211 yards. He stands at 5'11"  226 lbs. Stewart and Greene have a similar build but you can see that Stewart had a better average than Greene with 111 less carries. Remember too that the Carolina backfield shared carries with rookie phenom Cam Newton. I think the Jets should add Stewart to bolster their run game. What could it cost them a 3rd rounder? So what? Is anyone they draft in the 3rd round going to be as productive as Stewart? He is entering the final year of his contract where he is due to make 2.6 million. Mr. T get on that phone and add him, now!!

*stats courtesy of espn. com
*contract details courtesy of

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Speechless. . .

I am truly at a loss for words over today's Jet news. If you weren't clear on my position on Tebow look at the post below. This move screams for attention. This is like when you were in high school and one of your classmates had to fart as loud as he could because no one was paying attention to him. I am sure Woody told Mr. T to pull the trigger because he wanted to generate buzz and ticket sales. I have already seen some die hard, long time Jet fans say they are abandoning the team. I would never give up on the Jets, but this move is utterly ridiculous. They just told Mark he is going to be their starter the next few years, then they go out and they do this. How do you think Sanchez feels now?? If he has 2 INT game fans will be screaming for Tebow. Sparano brought the wildcat to the NFL back in 2008, but it has since faded. It doesn't fool NFL defenses anymore. The Jets team is not structured to run the wildcat. What running backs do we have that could do this 10-15 snaps a game. Sanchez is a rhythm QB, he is at his best when he makes numerous completions in a row. So now your going to pull him from under center to give Tebow his playing time?? If they are gonna do this, they need to bring Braylon back(for blocking purposes), go get Ronnie Brown(no one runs the wildcat better), and they need to get some physical lineman. The offseason is not over yet, so let's see if Tannenbaum has a plan. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Tebow a Jet??You have to be joking!!

Now that Denver is going to be quarterbacked by that guy Peyton Manning. Tim Tebow appears to have lost any loyalties in Bronco land. The Broncos have to and will trade him, but to who? The Jaguars, a strong possibility since Tebow's rise to fame occurred at the University of Florida, the Dolphins, also another possibility since every QB not named Matt Moore wants no part of the Dolphins, the Jets, well. . . WAIT A SECOND!! Did that thought even crossed your mind?? Are you kidding me?? Do you actually think the Jets have a need for a QB and do you think Tebow is better than Sanchez. Well I would think the answer to both those questions, would be no! The only appealing thing about Tebow joining the Jet offense would be to run some version of the wildcat, that caught fire under Tony Sparano, then was quickly extinguished. The only draw from adding Timmy to your team would be that of ticket sales. I'm sure Woody Johnson would be excited by the idea of being able to sell all his PSL's, but hold Jet fan's, there's no refunds!! So forget about it, NO WAY, NO HOW, would the Jets ever trade for Mr. Tebow, unless he can play free safety??

Bring back Braylon!!

As a report surfaced that the Jets were hosting FA WR Donnie Avery today, a thought came to mind, what about Braylon?? Having just signed Chaz Schilens from the Raiders, I thought maybe that was gonna be it for a reunion with Edwards. So why are they bringing in Avery? Who is a shifty, speedy receiver much like Welker and like Kerley(who proved to be a very valuable slot receiver last season.) Our #1 WR is a speedy deep threat, Kerley is a speedster, and word is that Schilens is also a deep threat. So what kind of receiver do we need? I think the Jets need a possession type wide out, one that will be able to run crossing routes and hang onto the ball in traffic. Someone that can be Mark Sanchez's go to guy when he is running for his life. What if I told Braylon Edwards fits that mold and he is already comfortable with Sanchez? You knew that already!?!? Well I hope Mike Tannenbaum wakes up and decides that Edwards is the kind of receiver the team is lacking and brings him back on board. Forget Donnie Avery, what's the point ?

LaRon Landry agrees to become a Jet!

Be afraid, be very afraid! After getting used by Reggie Nelson , the Jets were able to come to terms with FA safety LaRon Landry. The deal is reportedly for one year 4 million dollars. Landry is a hard hitting safety not known for being a cover safety, which is what the Jets really need. Think of him as a more athletic, versatile Eric Smith. I think he will thrive in Rex Ryan's system, I cannot wait to see him blitzing and knocking the snot out of Brady.As we all know the team still needs a safety that will be able to match up with the Patriots dastardly TE duo. According to Manish Mehta of the daily news, the team reportedly has set up a meeting with UFA OJ Atogwe, to fill the FS void. Other FS available are ex-Niner Reggie Smith, former Packer Jarrett Bush, and of course Jim Leonhard. I would love for them to bring in Otogwe and resign Leonhard for depth and to return punts.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Jets @ Redskins prediction. . .

I took an uniformed earlier look at this matchup, and now have researched a little more. The Jets are 1-8 lifetime against Washington. Last time they beat the Redskins was in 1993, winning 3-0(snooze fest). They are 1-0 against the NFC East this year with a 27-23 win over the Cowboys in week 1. So what is gonna happen?

Jets on offense:

The number one problem the Jets will have on offense will be the 'Skins pass rush. With Brian Orakpo and rookie Ryan Kerrigan leading the team with 6 sacks, the Jets OLine will have it's hands full. Also ex-Giant NT Barry Coefield is also having an outstanding year with 2 sacks. How can the Jets negate this pass rush? By utilizing screens and quick slants. Ladianian Tomlinson is set to return for this game, and that will be huge. Shonn Green and Joe McKnight have done an admirable job catching passes out of the backfield, but that is Tomlinson's bread and butter. He has stated that he feels fresh and is ready to produce for the Jets during their most pressing time of need. Another thing that Ladianian brings to the table is his pass blocking skills. He seems to always recognize who is blitzing and is able to give Sanchez some more time. As far as Sanchez, look for Schotty to implement a short passing game early on to give his confidence a boost. The Jets must score early to take the crowd out of it and to neutralize that pass rush. If Schotty is smart he will run a no huddle, quick tempo offense to prevent Washington from catching their breath and substituting.


Jets on Defense:

The Redskins have two major threats on offense, TE Fred Davis and RB Roy Helu. Standing at 6'4" 258 lbs. Davis is a big target who will likely give the Jets safeties fits. He has 3 TD's this year and really is Grossman's go to guy in the red zone. I suggested putting Revis on him as the Redskin's primary receivers are really no threat. Revis can cover larger type receivers(see Vincent Jackson,Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson), with no problem. My only concern is whether Cromartie could hold his own against Gaffney or Moss. I'm almost positive we will see either Donald Strickland or Brodney Pool covering Davis, which is not a good thing. I think the Jets will do a good job against Helu. He is a Ray Rice type back, meaning he is elusive and fast but can run with power as well. The Jets run defense has really been good since the Patriots embarrassed them back in week 5. Mike Devito is out for this game but rookie Kenrick Ellis will get the start and I think he will play well. I saw a stat that showed how Rex Grossman is horrible when a team rushes 4 or fewer. So that means he can not throw into tight windows, when a team floods the field with defenders. Look for the Jets to end their 4 game INT drought.


The Jets know they have to win out to get into the playoffs, so I think they will be focused and dominate the Redskins. JETS-20   REDSKINS-13

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Could we see this pairing next season??

After your done rolling your eyes, could we see Peyton Manning join Tom Moore in a Jets uniform next season? Manning is currently rehabbing from his neck fusion surgery and his future as the Colts QB is uncertain. As his current team keeps sliding towards a defeated season and the 1st overall pick of the 2012 draft, there are whispers of Manning becoming a FA next year. Why would this happen? Well first, he will have a 28 million dollar cap hit before the 2012 season begins. Secondly, the Colts will be able to select Stanford QB Andrew Luck, thus cementing their QB position for the next 15 years.So let me lay out of a scenario of why and how Manning will become a Jet:

Why Peyton Manning will be a 2012 Jet:

Manning's career is coming to a close and he may want to join a team that has a better chance of winning than the Colts. He may also may not want to renegotiate his contract, knowing that the team will select Luck with their first pick. Manning has an ego, and he has every right to have one, and he will still want to be the "man" in Indy. He doesn't want to have to answer questions about how Luck is progressing and face the inevitable benching in place of Luck.

The current Jets team is made up of mostly veterans, who want to win a Super Bowl. Even though, many of them have given Sanchez a ringing endorsement, they have to be wondering whether he is the guy. Sanchez has done a remarkable job in leading the team to two straight AFC championship games, but in this league you have to win the big game. Acquiring Manning would be more of an opportunity signing than an indictment of Sanchez. When Tannanbaum had the chance to acquire Favre, he pulled the trigger. Should this opportunity be any less enticing? If I were the Jets, I would jump all over Manning IF he became a FA. I would talk to Tom Moore and have him recruit Manning. Moore is semi-retired and I doubt he would want to become the Jets OC, but they could fire Schotty and bring in a young assistant that is familiar with Moore's system. I would make Manning the starter, give him a 1-2 year contract and have Sanchez learn this system from him. At the end of Manning's contract Sanchez would be able to have some continuity in this system, as the OC would stay on. Of course, there are a lot of obstacles in the way. . .

Why Peyton Manning will not be a 2012 Jet:

Perhaps the biggest reason he will not be a Jet is his contract. Would the Colts be willing to part ways with him or would they do everything they could to restructure his contract. If  Indianapolis wants to draft Luck, who better to mentor him than Manning? I'm sure Manning would love to ride off into the sunset after winning a Super Bowl and tutoring Luck to be a comparable replacement. 

As far as the Jets side goes. I'm not sure they will ever give up on Sanchez because they have to much invested in him. Plus, it would be Rex and Tanny admitting they were wrong about him. I'm sure they would worry about the long term effects on Mark's confidence by bringing in another QB to lead them to the promised land. Even though, that QB would be Peyton Manning, i'm sure Sanchez thinks he has what it takes to be just as good as Manning down the road. If he didn't then he shouldn't be a professional football player.

Let's face it, this scenario will not likely play out, but anything is a possibility. Bottom line is I just don't see Manning ever leaving the Colts and I cannot see the Jets front office giving the reigns to the franchise to another QB. But then again Favre was never supposed to leave Green Bay.